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Kotila Knits, handmade fiber art

  Kotila Knits is operated and owned by Lily Kotila, who has been expressing her love of the fiber arts through wool spinning, loom weaving, and making knit and crochet creations for over 15 years. 

  Where ever the your path through life may lead you, a warm blanket, fuzzy hat, and great pair of socks will do you well.

 Most of all;

"I make because I love it, and I hope you love it too." - LK

Elf Slippers

Original Design by Lily Kotila

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The Babbits Have Landed !

Kraken Hats

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How-To Blog Post by Lily, Including Original patterns:

Wee Tree Sheep! Blog Post

by Lily Kotila December 08, 2018

   Right now in my corner of the world, everyone is hunkering down for the first snowstorm of the season. While we eagerly anticipate between 0 and 74 inches of snow, expecting to be house-bound and without electricity for a few hours or weeks, I'm donning my coziest clothes, sipping hot drinks and digging in to one of my favorite yarn pastimes: making pompom sheep!

   Pompom sheep are an absolutely delightful excuse to make pompoms, and if you've never made pompoms before, I'm going to apologize in advance for convincing you to do so, because not only is it a bit addictive, it also uses up a lot of yarn, and everything gets covered in wool dust. It's totally worth all of that, however, to have a bunch of these cutesies hanging around softening up the place.

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Little Greene Elves, Hat Pattern

By Lily Kotila December 18th, 2019

   I've been doing Christmas with my husband's family for 5 years now, but I have yet to really nail my father in-law's aesthetic. Kotila men are tough giftees -- they always ask for practical items -- socks, towels, window de-icers, food, or seven thousand different kinds of tools. I can appreciate their dogged Finnish pragmatism, but I'm also a big believer in whimsy for Christmas! Something fun to brighten up the blah-blah winter months to come. Something warm, colorful and goofy! In other words, something handmade by me. 

   This pattern comes from this year's attempt to make something for the hubby's old man that will actually be worn and enjoyed. It's a pretty quick knit; I did it in a day...

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A note about pattern credits:

    Many of the patterns used to make the items for sale on Kotila Knits are available elsewhere online. We have taken care to link back to the brilliant creative minds responsible for these patterns in every instance. In the cases of original Kotila Knits designs, published patterns are not currently available but I'm looking forward to publishing them as time allows.