Little Green Elves

I've been doing Christmas with my husband's family for 5 years now, but I have yet to really nail my father in-law's aesthetic. Kotila men are tough giftees -- they always ask for practical items -- socks, towels, window de-icers, food, or seven thousand different kinds of tools. I can appreciate their dogged Finnish pragmatism, but I'm also a big believer in whimsy for Christmas! Something fun to brighten up the blah-blah winter months to come. Something warm, colorful and goofy! In other words, something handmade by me. 

This pattern comes from this year's attempt to make something for the hubby's old man that will actually be worn and enjoyed. It's a pretty quick knit; I did it in a day (I'm clearly in Christmas production mode here), so I'm hoping that if somebody out there is looking for exactly this type of thing, you'll have time to whip one up before the big day. If not, there's always next year! So. Fingers crossed he likes it, ya'all! Here's the pattern:

Materials Needed

  • 3.75mm dpns (set of 5) or sufficiently long circular needles for magic loop. gauge is 24 rows and 18 columns in 4 inches of stockinette 
  • worsted weight yarn. for main color I used about 2 oz of woolworth woolco worsted weight from my stash, and small amounts of red, white and sage. I neglected to measure before using up the design colors but I would allow for about 10-15 yds of the red and sage to be on the safe side, and just a few yds of the white.

The Pattern!

r1:   CO 4

r2:   kf&b around  8 sts 

r3:   kf&b around   16 sts

r4:   (kf&b, k1)x8   24 sts

r5 and all odd-numbered rounds until r(21): k all sts

r6:   (kf&b, k2)x8   32 sts

r8:   (kf&b, k3)x8   40 sts

r10:   (kf&b, k4)x8   48 sts

r12:   (kf&b, k5)x8   56 sts

r14:  (kf&b, k6)x8   64 sts

r16:   (kf&b, k7)x8   72 sts

r18:   (kf&b, k8)x8   80 sts

r20:   (kf&b, k9)x8   88 sts

r22:   (kf&b, k10)x8   96 sts

r23-38: k al sts

r39-54: work chart (8 repeats)

r55-57: k all sts

r58:  k2, p2 around

Continue k2, p2 ribbing for length desired, cast off in desired method, weave in them ends, wet finish and enjoy!

I dearly hope this pattern is widely shared and loved, but please if you share images of your final product or sell any goods based on this pattern, link back to Kotila Knits for credit! Please do not reproduce or alter this pattern for sale or without giving credit. Most importantly, keep the alien lovers in your life warm this winter and have a very merry Christmas!

<3 Lily

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  • So? Did he like it? Also, I’m making one for my son! Thanks for the great pattern!

    Polly Hidalgo

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